David Lynch on Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery

American filmmaker, musician and artist revisits a TV phenomenon
Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery boxset
Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery boxset
From Jeremy Kay (The Guardian):
Lynch always intended to revisit Laura Palmer’s world in movie form. After the US network ABC pulled the plug on Twin Peaks at the end of the second season in June 1991, he told himself he would do just that once he had completed work on Wild at Heart. “I always loved Laura Palmer,” he says, “and in the series she’s dead, so I loved the idea of seeing the last week of her life.”

Fire Walk With Me received a critical and commercial drubbing when it opened in 1992, following the world premiere at Cannes. “There were very bad reviews. I was under a bad cloud during that time and it just didn’t go well.” He pauses briefly. This may be a reference to his 1991 breakup with then-girlfriend Isabella Rossellini.“But I loved the film and when you do something you believe in and it doesn’t go well it’s OK. If you sell out like I did on Dune and it doesn’t go well then you really die.” [Read More]

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