David Lynch: Behind the Scenes of Eraserhead

Exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of Lynch's first feature film
David Lynch
Film editor Kenneth George Godwin has posted a number of Lynch-related materials on his website, Cagey Films:
In the early 1980s I was lucky enough to stumble into a connection with filmmaker David Lynch, thanks to my fannish obsession with his first feature, Eraserhead. I ended up writing about him and his film for the magazine Cinefantastique, and because of that I found myself hired (with no qualifications at all!) as part of a video documentary team attached to the production of Dune in Mexico in 1983. The results of these experiences are documented here. [Read More]
The jewel in the crown is the website's Eraserhead section, which includes essays about the film alongside interviews with Lynch himself, actor Jack Nance, cinematographer Frederick Elmes, and other members of the cast and crew (Catherine Coulson, Alan Splet, Doreen Small, Jack Fisk, Laurel Near, Jeanne Bates). In case that wasn't enough, Godwin has also spoken to Ben Barenholz, Mel Brooks, Stuart Cornfeld, Jonathan Sanger in connection with Lynch's work.

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