Samuel Beckett Summer School 2014

Trinity College Dublin · 10-16 August 2014
Design: Rhys Tranter
The 2014 Samuel Beckett Summer School runs from 10–16 August 2014. Applications now available from our website.

Preliminary list of speakers:
  • Elizabeth Barry
  • Gerald Dawe
  • Lois More Overbeck
  • Laura Salisbury
  • Anthony Uhlmann
  • Dirk Van Hulle
  • A Roundtable discussion, ‘Beckett beyond the Humanities’, chaired by Jonathan Heron
  • Samuel Beckett’s Letters (Lois More Overbeck)
  • Beckett and Brain Science (Elizabeth Barry & Laura Salisbury)
  • Beckett’s Manuscripts (Mark Nixon & Dirk Van Hulle)
  • Performance Workshop/Samuel Beckett Laboratory (Jonathan Heron & Nick Johnson)
  • Reading Group (Sam Slote)
Full list of speakers, provisional schedule, and details of performances will be posted on our website shortly at http://beckettsummerschool.wordpress.com

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