Actors' Experiences of Samuel Beckett's Plays

Holly Williams surveys actors' responses to some of Beckett's most difficult roles
Ian McKellen stars as Estragon (Gogo) in Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot
From Holly Williams (The Telegraph):
Samuel Beckett liked his actors to be up to their necks in it. In Happy Days, the protagonist’s head pokes out of a mound of earth; in Play, characters are incarcerated in urns; in Endgame, it’s dustbins. Sometimes he gets rid of their necks altogether: the actress in Not I must have her head strapped down, her body clamped still, so just her mouth can be lit. Demanding? Not half – and not just physically. Beckett’s bleak (if also blackly comic) texts also require actors to give up their innermost self; his favourite direction was “don’t act”. [Read More]

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