David Lynch Cooks Quinoa

A characteristically off-kilter glimpse into Lynch's kitchen

From Open Culture:
A staple of Andean diets for thousands of years, quinoa (KEEN-wah) has been touted as a superfood recently for its high protein content and potential to solve hunger crises. It’s represented by the usual celebrities: Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston … and David Lynch. Oh yes, have you not tried David Lynch’s quinoa recipe? Well, you must. If you’ve remained unswayed by the glitterati, perhaps this very Lynchian of pitches will turn you on to the grain. Watch the first part of Lynch’s video recipe above, part two below. It opens at peak Lynch: pulsing ominous music, garish lighting, and the obsessive kind of patience for the slow build that may be David Lynch’s alone. [Read More]

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