The Talks: Interview with Werner Herzog

German filmmaker on blockbusters, lifestyle and the apocalypse
Werner Herzog
From The Talks:
Mr. Herzog, do you think someone would ever be crazy enough to hire you to direct an epic blockbuster?

It wouldn’t be crazy at all, because I am capable of producing huge films for a fraction of the money that Hollywood would spend. A big epic film like Aguirre, the Wrath of God, if Hollywood started to contemplate this film, they wouldn’t think under 50 million dollars. That is the scope, no one would dare to touch it. However, the grand total budget of the film was 360,000 dollars, at the time in 1970. Let’s just say that today it would be twice as much, let’s say 700 or 800 thousand dollars.

Would you say that you are more popular today than you’ve ever been before?

I don’t know. I can’t really judge, because I do not relate to things such as popularity. It is completely vague and unknown to me what it means. I still live basically the same life. I do not have and I do not need material things. My material world is extremely small and limited. [Read More]

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