Illustrations of Gravity's Rainbow

An interview with artist and illustrator Zak Smith
Zak Smith, Image 579, 'State Prosecuter von Wenk... Mabuse trying to hypnotize him'
From The Modern Word:
Erik Ketzan: So you created an illustration for every page of Gravity’s Rainbow. How long did that take?

Zak Smith: It took like 9 months, but I was working on other stuff, too, at the same time. People always go “Wow, you must’ve had a lot of free time on your hands,” but, y’know, it’s my job to. You do something 14 hours a day every day, you can get a lot done. I think people are conditioned by the art they usually see in galleries to think that it takes an artist a full 8 months to—say—glue a dixie cup to a rug and write “Slander!” on it in lipstick—so when they see something where an artist had to actually work as much as a person with a real job does it seems like it must’ve taken forever. [Read More]

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