Dustin Hoffman on (not) meeting Samuel Beckett

From an interview with The Guardian
Dustin Hoffman
Simon Hattenstone (The Guardian) talks to the acclaimed American actor about his regrets, including an occasion when he stood up Samuel Beckett:
Now Hoffman's champing at the bit, desperate to top the Fellini and Bergman snubs. "At one point I was supposed to meet Samuel Beckett in a bar in Paris to do a revival of Godot, and I stood him up. I just kept walking round the block, I couldn't go in the door."

You stood up Samuel Beckett, I ask, outraged. "Yes." He chuckles so quietly you can barely hear it. "I pretended, 'Oh, I didn't know it was today.'" He stops. "I wish I had known the man." He says it with longing. "Ashamed of myself."

Did you go back home to your wife and admit what you'd done? "My first wife." he clarifies. "No, my memory is she said, 'Don't you have an appointment today with Samuel Beckett?' And I said, 'No, it was just tentative, it was never set.'" When did you admit to her you'd stood him up? "Never. It was to myself, and it took a few years." [Read More]
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