Fastest Godot in the West

The Beckett Circle reviews the recent Los Angeles production
Barry McGovern plays Vladimir in Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot
Kevin J. Wetmore, Jr (The Beckett Circle) reviews the recent Los Angeles production of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot, starring Alan Mandell and Barry McGovern:
Very early on in the Mark Taper Forum production of Waiting for Godot, one line proved arresting and captured the experience of this Godot. As the two most famous tramps in contemporary literature surveyed the space in which they found themselves, nursing their wounds from a cold night in a ditch and a beating, Didi remarked, ‘On the other hand what’s the good of losing heart now, that’s what I say. We should have thought of it a million years ago, in the nineties’. Although Beckett was referring to the nineteenth century, the line assumed remarkable contemporary significance in Barry McGovern’s delivery. While the audience laughed heartily and knowingly, I suddenly found myself thinking about the play as newly relevant, as if we knew the line referred to a century before, and yet still felt it also—and actually—directed to a decade and a half ago: the 1990s. The success of this production was because of these moments of new recognition in an old friend that one thought one knew well. We were reminded that Godot can still surprise us, and that surprise made the production all the more interesting and valuable. [Read More]
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