Carol Ann Duffy on Sylvia Plath

Duffy recalls her first encounter with Plath's work
Sylvia Plath Poems chosen by Carol Ann Duffy
Carol Ann Duffy (The Guardian): 'Poets are ultimately celebrators, of life and of poetry itself. A vocational poet like Plath gives life back to us in glittering language – life with great suffering, yes, but also with melons, spinach, figs, children and countryside, moles, bees, snakes, tulips, kitchens and friendships. There can be a chilling detachment about Plath's poetic personality – like Yeats, she casts "a cold eye / On life, on death" – but she also deploys a comic playfulness, a great appetite for sensuous experience, a delight in the slant rhymes and music of her verse, bravado, brio, a tangible joy in the unflowering of her genius.' [Read More]

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