A collaborative online arts project

Samizdat is an experiment; an experiment in visuals, text and audio. Samizdat is a collaborative project between artistic communities in Scotland and Germany; a project that requires you. This is a call for those working with paint, with stanzas, with samples, film, loops, narrative and any other artistic form that can fit on our pages.

Samizdat is a willing loss of control. Any artist that submits work participates in a finished piece that shares space with at least one other unknown collaborator. There are no thematic guidelines because these will only emerge in the assembling and presentation of Samizdat, which you have no control over.


Submissions are now being accepted in any format you should choose to send. Text should be limited to 1000 words, film to 5 minutes and audio the same. Images of any size are acceptable, but may be scaled if necessary. Although we are based in Scotland and Germany, work from artists anywhere else is welcomed. Please send your work and any further enquiries to samizdatzine@gmail.com.

Submissions for this cycle will be accepted up until 30 November 2012. [Read More]