Paul Auster reads The Red Notebook

Recorded at the University of Buffalo, 1995
Paul Auster, The Red Notebook
Open Culture is hosting 'audio of Auster reading the entirely of an early collection of stories, The Red Notebook: True Stories, at the University of Buffalo in April of 1995. Auster has argued that fiction is “magnificently useless,” but valuable nonetheless for the joy it brings both writers and readers. In The Red Notebook he narrates what he claims are true events from his life. The collection is divided into four short sections: “The Red Notebook,” “It Don’t Mean a Thing,” “Accident Report,” and, the final narrative, “Why Write?” His answers to this final question–whether they’re really “true” or just magnificently useless inventions–show us surprising coincidences and odd patterns in the seemingly random business of daily life.' [Listen]

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