Will Self on Umbrella

'I don't write for readers'
Will Self
Elizabeth Day (The Observer) interviews Will Self at his home in south London. Topics include his most recent novel, Umbrella, illness, influences (J. G. Ballard), coffee and contemporary literature: '"I don't really write for readers," Self says when he appears, bearing a packet of coffee. He lights a compact gas camping stove on the corner of his desk and puts a stainless steel espresso maker on to boil. "I think that's the defining characteristic of being serious as a writer. I mean, I've said in the past I write for myself. That's probably some kind of insane egotism but I actually think that's the only way to proceed – to write what you think you have to write. I write desperately trying to keep myself amused or engaged in what I'm doing and in the world. And if people like it, great, and if they don't like it, well, that's that – what can you do? You can't go round and hold a gun to their head."' [Read More]

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