W. G. Sebald on Robert Walser

On Sebald's essay, Le Promeneur Solitaire
In an article dating back to 2009, Vertigo discusses W. G. Sebald's essay on Robert Walser, Le Promeneur Solitaire, which is now available to read in English: 'Some artists obfuscate when it comes to talking about those who influenced them, while others readily identify their own artistic forerunners for us. When W.G. Sebald reflected back on Robert Walser’s writings in an essay first published in 1998, he also traced a deliberate path connecting his own writing with Walser’s. The essay, Le Promeneur Solitaire, which recently appeared in English in the guise of an Introduction to the new translation of Walser’s novel The Tanners (New Directions, 2009), is every bit as revelatory about Sebald as it is about Walser.' [Read More]

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