W. G. Sebald & Jan Peter Tripp, Unrecounted

A 2004 review from The Observer
Unrecounted. Poems by W. G. Sebald, Lithographs by Jan Peter Tripp
A 2004 review of Sebald's Unrecounted by Tim Adams (The Observer): 'At the end of the opening story of The Emigrants , the first of his books to be published in this country, WG Sebald wrote a line that was something of a statement of intent: 'And so they are always returning to us, the dead.' In his case, that observation is proving true. Nearly three years after the car crash that ended his life at the age of 57, new books by Sebald continue to emerge. The latest, Unrecounted, the result of a long collaboration with a childhood friend, German artist Jan Peter Tripp, is suitably haunting.' [Read More]

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