Mark Lawson: why don't more visual artists do theatre?

Why aren't collaborations between visual and performance art more common?
Alberto Giacometti (left) with a sculpted tree for Samuel Beckett's (right) Waiting for Godot
From The Guardian: 'Stage design is clearly a form of art, but full-time painters and sculptors have only rarely become involved in theatre – although two current exhibitions demonstrate the potential when they do. The thrilling Edvard Munch exhibition at Tate Modern in London includes a room devoted to the Norwegian artist's work in theatre, and the sculptor Antony Gormley has on show at Castle Coole in Enniskillen a work called Godot Tree – Gormley's interpretation of the opening stage direction ("A country road. A tree. Evening.") in Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot. The tree, which is required to grow four or five leaves during the interval, will be used in a world-touring production that begins in Australia later this year.' [Read More]

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