Cygnus Ensemble: Sounding Beckett

New York · 14 - 23 September 2012
Image from the Cygnus Ensemble's Sounding Beckett production of Ohio Impromptu
This September, the Cygnus Ensemble will be performing three musical pieces based on the works of Samuel Beckett. Adam W. Kepler (New York Times) writes: 'The plays, “Footfalls,” “Ohio Impromptu” and “Catastrophe,” are to be directed by Joy Zinoman with a cast including Ted Van Griethuysen, Philip Goodwin and Holly Twyford. Each play will be followed by new musical pieces inspired by the plays and written by the composers Chester Biscardi, Laura Schwendinger, David Glaser, Laura Kaminsky, John Halle and Scott Johnson.' The production is titled Sounding Beckett, and will be running at the Classic Stage Company theatre in New York [Read More]

Visit the official Sounding Beckett website for a complete schedule.

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