Review: Marguerite Duras, Yann Andrea Steiner

Extract from a 2006 review
Marguerite Duras
Matthew Tiffany (Pop Matters) reviews Marguerite Duras' Yann Andrea Steiner: 'Marguerite Duras’ prolific writing career includes over 40 novels, screenplays, and stories, including L’Amant, which was made famous in part due to Jean-Jacques Annaud’s explicit film version, The Lover. Yann Andrea Steiner, written towards the end of this career, feels like a coda, of sorts, a look back at a relationship that may have occurred between the author and a younger man. The feel of the book is one of paying up debts, of squaring the books between Duras and this younger man Steiner. Whether these books that need squaring are real or imaginary—or something in between—is not quite clear.' [Read More]

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