60 Years in Sixty Poems

Faber & Faber release an interactive online poetry site
60 Years in Sixty Poems
Visual interpretations of poetry, from 60 Years in Sixty Poems
60 Years in Sixty Poems draws upon a variety of archival materials
From The Thought Fox (thanks to Jenn Mann for the link): 'Visually and aurally, ‘60 Years in 60 Poems’ transforms the poems, suggesting alternative interpretations and new ways of exploration. Audio lies at the very heart of the site and we commissioned four fine actors to record versions of the poems, each in their own distinctive voice. So we have Dan Stevens’ baritone alongside Alex Lanipekun’s bass, and Samantha Bond’s charismatic, clipped pronunciation alongside Lyndsey Marshal’s reassuring, Manchester vowels. We suggest you start with your year of birth – who’s the reader? – then make your way through the other 59 years…' [Read More]