Samuel Beckett: Out of the Archive (Special Issue)

A special issue of Modernism/Modernity
Modernism/Modernity, Volume 18, Number 4 (November 2011)
A Piece of Monologue is delighted to announce the publication of a special issue of Modernism/Modernity, dedicated entirely to the work of Samuel Beckett. Based around the talks and plenaries of the Samuel Beckett: Out of the Archive conference held in York in 2011, the issue is packed with original scholarship, interviews, book reviews and exclusive material 'out of the archive'. Highlights of the issue include a number of articles from leading Beckett scholars, conversations with Nobel Prize winner J. M. Coetzee and Booker Prize winner John Banville, and some rarely glimpsed work by Beckett himself.

Samuel Beckett: Out of the Archive

  • Peter Fifield, 'Samuel Beckett: Out of the Archive, An Introduction'
  • Linda Ben-Zvi, 'Beckett and Disgust: The Body as “Laughing Matter”'
  • Jean-Michel Rabaté, 'Beckett’s Three Critiques: Kant’s Bathos and the Irish Chandos'
  • Lois More Overbeck, 'Audience of Self / Audience of Reader'
  • Pascale Sardin and Karine Germoni, '“Scarcely Disfigured”: Beckett’s Surrealist Translations'
  • David Addyman and Matthew Feldman, 'Samuel Beckett, Wilhelm Windelband, and the Interwar “Philosophy Notes”'
  • John Bolin, 'Beckett’s Murphy, Gide’s Les Caves du Vatican, and the “Modern” Novel'
  • C. J. Ackerley, '“Primeval mud impenetrable dark”: Towards an Annotation of Comment c’est/How It Is'
  • Dirk Van Hulle, 'Modern Manuscripts and Textual Epigenetics: Samuel Beckett’s Works between Completion and Incompletion'
  • Ulrika Maude, 'Beckett and the Laws of Habit'
  • Mark Nixon, 'Beckett’s Manuscripts in the Marketplace'
  • Michael White, 'Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man'
  • Lawrence Rainey, David Atwell and Benjamin Madden, 'An Interview with J. M. Coetzee'
  • Hugh Haughton and Bryan Radley, 'An Interview with John Banville'
Out of the Archive
  • Peter Fifield, 'Introduction to “The New Object”'
  • Samuel Beckett, 'The New Object'
  • John Pilling, 'Introduction to “Le Concentrisme” and “Jean du Chas”'
  • Samuel Beckett, '“Le Concentrisme” and “Jean du Chas”: Two Extracts'
  • Marek Kędzierski, 'Barbara Bray: In Her Own Words'
For more information about the special issue, or the 2011 conference, visit the official website: Samuel Beckett: Out of the Archive. If you are a subscriber, you can also access the journal directly at Project Muse.

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