Bret Easton Ellis on Imperial Bedrooms and Less Than Zero

New York Magazine interviews controversial American novelist
Marla Hanson, Jay McInerney, and Ellis at a New York party for a movie premiere in 1990. Photo: Catherine McGann/Getty Images
In an interview with Carl Swanson of New York Magazine, Bret Easton Ellis talks about Imperial Bedrooms, the sequel to his debut novel Less Than Zero: 'I did not want to write a sequel to Less Than Zero, but I was interested in, well, where is Clay now and what is he doing? [...] And it just sort of haunts you. The question doesn’t go away. You can tell yourself, Look, forget about it, concentrate on something else, but it just doesn’t happen. So then you start making notes, you start going, Well, I guess he’s a screenwriter. What does that mean? I guess he’s back in Los Angeles, right? And then you want to follow it through, regardless if it is for a reader or for an audience. Regardless of whether this is a betrayal of the text of the first book or not. It’s something that you as a writer really don’t have a whole lot of control over.' [Read More]

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