'Authenticity': Postgraduate Symposium Call for Papers

University of York · 31 May 2012

'Authenticity': Call for Papers

University of York Centre for Modern Studies Postgraduate Second Annual Symposium
Bowland Auditorium, Humanities Research Centre, Thursday 31 May 2012

The signs of authenticity pervade our everyday interactions with the world, from the authentic takeaway to the historical television re-enactment and the claimed impartiality of the commercial press. In response to the British riots in the summer of 2011, Tudor historian David Starkey made the distinction between the authentic and inauthentic citizenry. Those who partook in looting and affray were figured as outside authentic structures of legal and moral behaviour, ‘feral’ even. The insidious and barely concealed attribution of inauthenticity to what in London was a predominantly black community set off racial tension that for many years now has been thought of as behind us. Authenticity, then, had become the buzzword in the reenlivened discourses of politics, race, class and culture.

Through this interdisciplinary conference, the Centre for Modern Studies Post-Graduate Forum seeks to explore and question the associations and assumptions that have come to coalesce around the concept of the ‘authentic’. From the art historian Hal Foster’s charting of the ‘Return of the Real’, through its philosophical instantiations in Marx, Sartre, Heidegger, Kierkegaard and Adorno, by way of the pop/mass culture debate in Cultural Studies, to the notion of performative ‘masquerade’ in theories of gender and sexuality - issues of authenticity thread through much recent work in the humanities and the social sciences. For example, the Victoria and Albert Museum’s recent exhibition on postmodernism aims to historicise a discourse famous for its slippery employment of replication, reproduction and rearrangement into a compartment of the authentic academic canon.

We therefore invite abstracts for papers from post-graduates working in the humanities and social sciences disciplines in the modern period (1850-present). We would welcome interdisciplinary papers, and submissions from panels. Possible topics for papers include but are not limited to:
  • The authenticity debate in twentieth century philosophy
  • Critical Counterfactualism
  • Hoaxes, deceptions and counterfeiting
  • Documentary film and television
  • Photography
  • Journalism
  • Cuisine
  • Digital authentication and access
  • Intellectual property and copyright
  • Identity: race, class, gender, sexuality
  • Mimesis and verisimilitude
  • Materiality / immateriality – replication, the virtual / digital (gaming)
  • Fantasy / utopia / visionaries / spiritualities / sci-fi
  • Costume, cross-dressing / beauty industry and cosmetics
  • Geographies of authenticity – i.e. ‘native’ and ‘indigenous’ vs. ‘foreigner’ ‘alien’
  • Immigration / migration
Abstracts for papers should be 300 words in length, and the deadline for submissions is Monday 26th March 2012 at 5.00pm. Please send abstracts to cmods-pgforum@york.ac.uk - if you would like more information about the symposium or the CMODS Postgraduate Forum, don't hesitate to contact us at this address, or visit our website.