Saul Leiter's Typographic Fragments

Rick Poynor on Saul Leiter's photographic work
Saul Leiter, '463' (1956)
Saul Leiter, 'Bus' (1954)
Saul Leiter, 'T' (1950)
Saul Leiter, 'Snow' (1960)
Writing for Creative Review, Rick Poynor reflects on the typographic fragment in the photography of American artist Saul Leiter: 'Saul Leiter’s early color photographs, unseen for many years, must surely rank as one of the great photographic rediscoveries of the last decade. These are pictures that have you instantly reaching for words like epiphanic, rhapsodic and elegiac to describe their poetic intimations and delicate painterly effects. We may have turned into a globe of digitally enabled shutterbugs, but Leiter is a perfect example of why all photographers are not the same. What kind of preternaturally hyper-trained eye does it take to find and resolve in a picture, in an instant, compositions of such visual complexity and internal harmony?' [Read More]