TLS reviews Beckett Letters 1941-1956

Times Literary Supplement weighs in on Cambridge University Press' second volume
Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot, Arts Theatre, London, 1955
Alan Jenkins reviews the second volume of Samuel Beckett's Letters (1941-1956) on the TLS website, alongside a discussion of translator George Craig's monograph, Writing Beckett's Letters: 'One of the last of Samuel Beckett’s letters in Volume One of this indispensable edition was written to James Joyce, in January 1940. In it Beckett thanked Joyce for having brought his work to the attention of a potential sponsor. “It was kind of you to write him about Murphy. He offers very kindly to read the translation & to ‘introduce’ me to the French public.” Nearly fourteen years later, Beckett wrote to Mania PĂ©ron, the widow of his friend Alfred, “I am in the shit fontanelle deep: rehearsals every day, translations on all sides, people to see. I can’t keep up”. And a month or so after that he wrote to his American lover Pamela Mitchell, “I went to Godot last night for the first time in a long time. Well played, but how I dislike that play now. Full house every night, it’s a disease”.' [Read More]

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