Ruby Cohn 1922-2011

Renowned Beckett scholar passes away, aged 89
Ruby Cohn. Photograph: Linda Ben-Zvi.
George Hunka writes: 'Ruby Cohn, whose Samuel Beckett: The Comic Gamut (1962) established her as the foremost first-generation Beckett critic and introduced Beckett’s work to a huge general audience, passed away on Tuesday 18 October at the age of 89. Ms. Cohn spent most of her professional career as one of Beckett’s greatest advocates after seeing the first night of En Attendant Godot in Paris in 1953. She followed this first volume of criticism with several others, including Just Play: Beckett’s Theatre (1980), which remains indispensable, as does her most recent book, A Beckett Canon (2001), wherein she undertakes an inimitably personal and knowledgable survey of all of Beckett’s work, from first to last.' [Read More] Bruce Weber has provided an obituary for the New York Times [Read More] Women in Academia Report has also posted an obiturary [Read More]

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