Patti Smith Photography Exhibition

Exhibition at the Wadsworth Athenaeum in Hartford from 21 Oct. 19 Feb.
Photographs by Patti Smith. Left: Roberto Bolaño’s chair. Right: Arthur Rimbaud’s utensils.
Photographs by Patti Smith. Left: Virginia Woolf’s bed. Right: Susan Sontag’s grave in Montparnasse Cemetery.
A. O. Scott of the New York Times interviews Patti Smith about her music, her award-winning memoir, Just Kids, and a forthcoming photography exhibition. It's well worth a look: 'Smith said she often organizes her tours around excursions in search of that kind of memorial beauty, seeking out places associated with the writers and artists she admires and with whom she feels a kinship that transcends mortality. The photographs in the Hartford show — black-and-white silver gelatin prints made from Polaroid negatives, small and square and in soft focus — are culled from a collection that documents hundreds of encounters with worldly effects transformed into sacred relics. A fork and a spoon that belonged to Arthur Rimbaud, the French symbolist poet who has been one of Smith’s touchstones forever. Mapplethorpe’s bedroom slippers and the tambourine he made for Smith. A chair that belonged to the Chilean novelist Roberto Bolaño. William S. Burroughs’s bandanna. A replica of a life mask cast from the features of William Blake.' [Read More]

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