Tom McCarthy on the International Necronautical Society (INS)

Online excerpt from an interview with The White Review
'Navigation Was Always A Difficult Art. General Secretary's Report to the International Necronautical Society.' Tom McCarthy, International Necronautical Society
The White Review has published online a brief extract from their interview with Tom McCarthy:
About ten years ago, I was very interested in the art manifesto as a literary form. It’s a wonderful form and it belongs to a particular era. It’s the early twentieth century really – a time of revolution, where political and aesthetic radicalism were going hand in hand.

But I was interested in how the art manifesto might play out now. It seems like nowadays you could only have an inauthentic or an ironic version. So I wrote this pastiche-manifesto, which the art world picked up quite quickly, and that led to exhibitions, residencies and the like. I appointed INS committees and subcommittees. The INS became a structure. I call it a ‘fiction’ – not that it isn’t real, but because it’s a construct that not only references but also cannibalises a whole bunch of other cultural moments – the avant-garde, the bureaucracy of Kafka, the secret networks of Burroughs. [Read More]

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