Peter Saville on GTF

Designers pick fellow artists they admire
Publicity poster for the Gagosian gallery: 'Pop Art is', designed by GTF (with Peter Saville) (2007)
Emine Saner of The Guardian has interviewed a series of well known graphic artists, asking them to name other designers they admire. Peter Saville, best known for creating record sleeves for Joy Division and New Order - not to mention the 2010 England football shirt - voices his admiration for small, independent company GTF: '[GTF] are perpetuating the honourable idea of the philosophical, professional, commercial artist. They are able to do this by having modest expectations; they have a small practice and they are selective about the work they take on. Communication design is about the message from the source to the audience, being delivered by the designer. A lot of graphic design appears to be all about the designer, but it is not supposed to be. The designer should be invisible, but to do that as well as GTF requires great skill and intelligence. They are manifestly fluent in the meaning of image, line, form and colour, and how people read it. There is always a rightness about their work – an invisible rightness.' [Read More]

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