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A new publishing venture
Announcing the launch of a new publisher: Contra Mundum Press. Their first publication, due in October 2011, will be Gilgamesh in a new translation by Stuart Kendall, who has also translated Baudrillard, Bataille, Blanchot, √Čluard and others. Aside from his many translations of Bataille, Kendall’s most recent book is Terrence Malick: Film and Philosophy (Continuum). Their next publication, due in December 2011, will be Paul Bishop’s translation of Friedrich Nietzsche’s Greek Music Drama, translated into English for the first time (link via Superfluities Redux):
Contra Mundum Press is a new publishing venture dedicated to the value and the indispensable importance of the individual voice. Through the publication of new texts by distinctive contemporary thinkers from all fields of the life of the mind as well as out-of-print titles from innovators of the past, Contra Mundum Press has been organized to demonstrate that the foundation of thought, and of the freedom and the efficacy of thinking, is not in the mash-up of the mob or the eviscerated diversion of social media but in the personal vision, and in the courage required to create it and to put it forth. [Read More]

Forthcoming Titles

  • Gilgamesh. Translated with an introduction by Stuart Kendall 
  • Friedrich Nietzsche, Greek Music Drama. Translated with an introduction by Paul Bishop 
  • W. J. Bate, Negative Capability: On the Intuitive Approach in Keats 
  • Richard Foreman, Plays with Films: Zomboid!, Wake Up Mr. Sleepy! Your Unconscious Mind is Dead!, and Deep Trance Behavior in Potato Land. Introduction by George Hunka. 
  • Georg Trakl, Poems. Translated by Mark Daniel Cohen
  • Louis Auguste Blanqui, Eternity for the Stars. Translated with an introduction by Frank Chouraqui


Contra Mundum Press
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New York, NY

Email: info (at) contramundum.net


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