Will Self Paperbacks get a new look

Designer Greg Heinimann reinvigorates Self's back catalogue
Will Self, Grey Area
Will Self, Junk Mail
Will Self, The Quantity Theory of Insanity
Will Self, My Idea of Fun
Will Self, Cock and Bull
Will Self, The Sweet Smell of Psychosis
Will Self, The Butt
Will Self, Great Apes
Will Self, Walking to Hollywood
Designer and illustrator Greg Heinimann at Bloomsbury has designed a series of new covers Will Self's backlist, as Walking to Hollywood is published in paperback. Some wonderful designs. Creative Review has more (link via will-self.com): 'To create the ‘Will Self' device that appears on each cover in a different colour, Heinimann worked with vintage wood type and hand drew the ‘pool' shape surrounding Self's name. The finishing on the covers will apparently make the words appear recessed into the liquid. "The idea of this organic pool was to try and get across the fluidity of Will's writing, almost like a petri dish," says Heinimann.' [Read More]

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