Pan Pan Theatre presents Samuel Beckett's All That Fall

22 August - 2 September 2011

The following is a press release for the Pan Pan Theatre production of Samuel Beckett's radio play, All That Fall:
A life of unending misery in a world devoid of God, now that’s funny.

In Pan Pan's Production, All That Fall we encounter Maddy Rooney in her seventies – unsightly, ungainly and unwell – laboriously to-ing and fro-ing between her home and Boghill Station (the only named location in any Beckett play). This is a landscape whose details are drawn from the Foxrock and Leopardstown of Beckett’s youth, but which may now exist solely in Maddy’s mind.

All That Fall is a multi-layered composition of voices that can be experienced as a black comedy, a murder mystery, a cryptic literary riddle or a quasi-musical score, but that gains from being experienced in Pan Pan’s uniquely atmospheric, theatrically tuned listening chamber.

Come and experience, in a transformed Space Upstairs, Pan Pan’s new recording of Samuel Beckett’s first radio play. [Read More]



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