The Modernist Imagination

A collection of critical essays
Marchel Duchamp, 'Discs Bearing Spirals', 1923
Berghahn Books have released a new collection of essays, The Modernist Imagination: Intellectual History and Critical Theory, eds. Warren Breckman, Peter E. Gordon, A. Dirk Moses, Samuel Moyn and Elliot Neaman. The following is from the publisher's page:
This carefully selected collection of essays addresses central questions and current practices of intellectual history and asks how the legacy of critical theory has influenced scholarship across a wide range of scholarly disciplines. In honor of Martin Jay, this volume includes work from some of the most prominent contemporary scholars [Read more]


Editors' Preface Chapter 1. Martin Jay and the Dialectics of Intellectual History Lloyd Kramer

I: Intellectual History
David Sorkin, The Kiss of Lamourette: 'Possibilism' or 'Christian Democracy'?
Jerrold Seigel, Selves without Qualities: Duchamp, Musil, and the History of Selfhood
Gregory B. Moynahan, Liberty and the 'Coming-into-Being' of Natural Law: Hans Kelsen and Ernst Cassirer
Peter E. Gordon , The Artwork Beyond Itself: Adorno, Beethoven, and Late Style
Samuel Moyn , Marxism and Alterity: Claude Lefort and the Critique of Totality
The Return of the King: Hegelianism and Post-Marxism in Zizek and Nancy Warren Breckman
Rosalind Krauss, Paradigm Shift: The Speculation of Downcast Eyes

II: Violence, Memory, Identity
Andreas Huyssen , Memory Culture at an Impasse: Memorials in Berlin and New York
Carolyn J. Dean, Against Grandiloquence: 'Victim's Culture' and Jewish Memory
Anson Rabinbach, Paris, Capital of Antifascism
Dominick LaCapra, Toward a Critique of Violence
Rita Chin, Democratization, Turks, and the Burden of German History
A. Dirk Moses and Elliot Neaman, The Gewaltfrage and Postwar West: German Generations in the 1960s

III: Critical Theory and Global Politics
Seyla Benhabib, From 'The Dialectic of Enlightenment' to 'The Origins of Totalitarianism' and the Genocide Convention: Adorno and Horkheimer in the Company of Arendt and Lemkin
Dick Howard, Western Marxism, Morality, and Politics
Jean Cohen, Sovereign Equality vs. Imperial Right: The Battle Over the 'New World Order'
Detlef Claussen and Michael Werz , The Myths of Modern Identity as Ersatz Ideologies

IV: Coda
An Interview with Martin Jay
Bibliography of the Writings of Martin Jay