J. G. Ballard's Crash and Cocaine Nights

'Crash is a hymn to psychopathy'
A still from Harely Cockliss' The Atrocity Exhibition (1970). J. G. Ballard pictured left.
David Blackburn considers Ballard's Crash and Cocaine Nights on the Spectator Book Blog: 'Ballard, the author, has been crowned as a visionary who warned against the dictatorship of technology and consumerism, those crushing benzodiazepines of modernity. But Crash seems to hark back, deep into the heads of man’s darkest sexualities. It recalls Bakunin’s maxim that the "lust for destruction is also a creative desire"; that transgression is erotic; and that post-Lapsarianism is latent in mankind. Is there a substantive difference between deliberately crashing cars for kicks and the calculated depravity of, say, Sodom and Gomorrah? As Ballard admitted to Will Self in the early nineties, "Crash is a hymn to psychopathy".' (link via Susan Tomaselli) [Read More]

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