Will Cormac McCarthy win the Nobel Prize for Literature?

Odds are he just might
Cormac McCarthy
The next Nobel Prize for Literature will not be awarded until October this year, but already speculation is beginning to grow. Various betting agencies are moving in on the discussion, with UK agency nicerodds.co.uk even going so far as to compile a list of odds. The current favourite is American writer Cormac McCarthy, known for novels such as The Road and No Country for Old Men (link via Susan Tomaselli):
According to online UK betting agency nicerodds.co.uk, Cormac McCarthy is again the favorite to take out the lucrative prize. The agency is offering odds of 8 to 1 for McCarthy. The second favorite is Japan’s Haruki Murakami (9 to 1) with Algerian novelist, translator and filmmaker Assia Djebar currently listed in third place (10 to 1).

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2011 Top 10 Favorites
Cormac McCarthy – 8 to 1
Haruki Murakami – 9 to 1
Assia Djebar – 10 to 1
Don Delillo – 13 to 1
Ko Un – 15 to 1
Amos Oz – 15 to 1
Philip Roth – 15 to 1
Adonis – 17 to 1
Joyce Carol Oates – 17 to 1
Thomas Pynchon – 17 to 1
Source: Suite 101