Disjecta: This week's links

Francis Bacon, 'Triptych', May-June, 1973
(Image: Francis Bacon, 'Triptych', May-June, 1973)


J. G. Ballard: NPR publishes an excerpt from the Complete Stories
Don DeLillo: A short story in the New Yorker, 'Midnight in Dostoyevsky'
Paul Auster: FlavorWire on Paul Auster's Invisible
Patricia Highsmith: Slavoj Žižek on Patricia Highsmith and the Ripley novels

Philosophy & Critical Theory:

Slavoj Žižek: Žižek appears on the BBC series HardTalk
Simon Critchley: 'To philosophize is to learn how to die'


Jazz: Jazz album art in the digital age

Art & Design:

Francis Bacon: John Richardson writes on Francis Bacon
Francis Bacon: The other side of Francis Bacon
Francis Bacon: Francis Bacon's legacy revisited