Popular Ivy League Names

Trends in successful applications
Harvard University Library
A reader over at NameCandy.com has written to one of its columnists, to ask which children's names are most successful in Harvard University's application procedures. And while it's absurd to suggest that the name of your child can have a direct influence on their alma mater, it's interesting to see that a trend does indeed exist among Harvard graduates. Particular names appear to crop up time and again. With a tongue-in-cheek response, the website's very own Name Lady suggests the following to those considering the American academic elite:
The reigning name choices of Ivy League alums are understated antiques. Henry, Alexander and Theodore are big for boys; Cecilia, Sophie and Eleanor for girls. When modern-styled surnames do pop up they often have a literary-artistic bent, like Beckett and Harper. [Read More.]

Of course, one of the names goes without saying.