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What is A Piece of Monologue?
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About the site

A Piece of Monologue is an independent website that delivers news and original content across modern, contemporary and avant-garde arts. Founded as a personal journal in 2007, the site aims to offer a broad selection of commentary and analysis, while debating key trends in literary criticism, philosophy and critical theory. A Piece of Monologue is concerned with discussion across a wide range of theoretical approaches, and hopes to bring new ideas into focus in an entertaining and accessible way.

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The site has been referenced or linked to by a number of major cultural outlets, including The New YorkerThe GuardianBookforum, Le Monde, The New York Review of BooksThe Paris Review, 3:AM Magazine, Open Culture, The QuietusFlavorwireDavid Lynch Foundation, Beckett International Foundation, The American ReaderSlate, Harvard University, Stanford UniversityBrain Pickings, The WireMax's Kansas City, The VergeThe Spectator, BBC Ireland, Bloomsbury (Philosophy), The Criterion Collection, and Random House.


3:AM Magazine Blog of the Year 2009

What People Say

'Une fois dans l'ambiance, vous aurez du mal à résister à l'appel d'Allen Ginsberg, d'Art Spiegelman, de Woody Allen, et de tant d'autres artistes et intellectuels dont les visages et la voix ressurgis du passé hantent les pages de A Piece of Monologue, ce blog magnifique. Remercions dont son auteur, Rhys Tranter, honnête homme de l'ère numérique que vous pouvez déjà, si votre rapport au temps ne s'est pas suffisamment relâché, suivre sur Twitter : @RhysTranter. [Approximate translation: Once inside, you will have difficulty resisting the call of Allen Ginsberg, Art Spiegelman, Woody Allen, and so many other artists and intellectuals whose faces and voices reappear from the past and haunt the pages of A Piece of Monologue, this splendid blog. Let us thank its author, Rhys Tranter, an honest man of the digital age, that you already can, if your time is not sufficiently slackened, follow on Twitter: @RhysTranter.]'

Isabelle Regnier, Le Monde

'When I am lost, or stuck, Rhys Tranter’s A Piece of Monologue points me in the right direction. In my opinion it is the research tool in critical theory happening online today. From an insightful and judicious platform of Beckettian study, theory and opinion springs a treasure trove of possibilities.'

Lee Rourke, author of Everyday and The Canal

'A Piece of Monologue is one of the few websites I visit for a daily cultural jolt. Whether eyeing Beckett, Benjamin, Bernhard, Blanchot, or Bowie, Rhys Tranter is an original writer and an utterly trustworthy curator of both content and links. I go for the literary theory but often linger among the photographs and heartening esoterica. Far from a time-waste, though, this is a site that returns me to my work with new energy.'

Elise Blackwell, author of An Unfinished Score and other novels

'Beautifully designed, always interesting, A Piece of Monologue is one of my first ports of call over morning coffee. It is a stimulating, well-informed and thought-provoking resource, covering a wide range of cultural fields, artists and writers. In particular, anyone interested in Beckett's work will be alerted to current events and publications, and introduced to gems from the past.'

Dr Mark Nixon
Co-Director, Beckett International Foundation at the University of Reading

'A Piece of Monologue is a piece of monument.'

Neil Badmington, author of Hitchcock's Magic

'A Piece of Monologue is full of interesting things. Could I enumerate its contents? No. Could I, if some kind person were to come along and ask, What is A Piece of Monologue about? give an exhaustive answer? No. The depth in particular, who knows what treasures. What comforts.'

Ian Pindar, author of Joyce and Emporium

'Rhys Tranter manages to bring together into one elegant space some of the most engaging and stimulating thinking and writing on some of the world’s most stimulating thinkers and writers. And he does it with enthusiasm, skill and a great deal of style. Reading A Piece Of Monologue is like eavesdropping on a fascinating conversation - about music, philosophy, literature - which is informative, entertaining, erudite, and often very beautiful.'

Keith Ridgway, author of Animals and other novels

'A Piece of Monologue is... an interesting top-dresser-drawer of bookish talk... as miscellaneous and vivid as one's own literary thoughts, but better catalogued, so the bits are easier to find.'

Eric Hanson, author of A Book of Ages

'There are two blogs I check every day without fail: Rejectamentalist Manifesto and A Piece of Monologue. The first because it loosens me up in a labyrinth of strangeness I like. The second because time and again Rhys Tranter seems to be tracking my thoughts with his wonderful offerings of literary and philosophical thought. It keeps me going and has taken me deeper and deeper into my own writing than I might ever have deemed possible. Most definitely my favourite blog of 2010.'

Lara Pawson, journalist

'A Piece of Monologue is one of the smartest and most interesting blogs discussing literary culture today. I first came for the brilliant coverage of Beckett, but I stayed for the consistently insightful, engaging coverage of all things cultural and philosophical.'

Andy Hunter, Editor and Publisher, Electric Literature

'Rhys Tranter's A Piece of Monologue, a blog you should all be reading.'

3:AM Magazine


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Rhys Tranter is the founding editor of A Piece of Monologue, and has been editing, designing and maintaining the site since 2007. He holds a BA, MA and a Ph.D in English Literature.

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