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Second issue is now available online
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A press release from The Bleed:

The Bleed magazine’s acclaimed second issue has been released digitally for the first time today.

The independent arts magazine, dedicated to showcasing new and original artists working in any medium, has made the issue available through its website for free.

Following in the footsteps of literary magazines such as X, The Little Review and the Black Mountain Review, The Bleed departed from its usual format to publish writer Daniel Thomson’s debut novel in full in its second issue.

Presented as an unpublished manuscript, complete with comments in red pen in the margins by the publisher, cigarette burns, and even a coffee stain on the cover, Thomson’s unique book merges fiction with biography in its attempt to tell the true story of award-winning artist Ezra Maas.

Written by Thomson with contributions from more than a dozen artists, the publication explores new ways of storytelling, with first-person narrative interspersed with pages of biography as well as emails, phone transcripts, news clippings, letters, photographs, original illustrations, paintings, and whole scenes depicted using sequential art.

The Bleed spokesperson said: “When a former journalist is hired to write the unauthorised biography of the reclusive artist Ezra Maas, who disappeared seven years earlier in mysterious circumstances, he quickly becomes obsessed with telling the true story of a man who has turned his life into art. But the closer he gets to Maas, the more his own life unravels, as the line between reality and fiction begins to dangerously blur.”

Thomson cites his influences on this project as Samuel Beckett, Paul Auster, and David Lynch, among others.

The Bleed magazine was founded in 2011 as a free platform for new and original artists. Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, it now has contributors from across the UK, as well as from New York, USA, and Japan. Anyone interested in working with the magazine should email: thebleedmag@gmail.com

The Bleed #2 can be read online and downloaded for free at www.thebleedmag.tumblr.com from today, March 31 2014.

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