Teju Cole, Every Day Is for the Thief

Fictional work available outside Nigeria for the first time
Teju Cole. Photograph: Chester Higgins Jr
From John Williams (New York Times):
On a recent visit to the International Center of Photography, the Nigerian-American author and photographer Teju Cole leaned forward to study an image by Robert Capa. It offered an aerial view of the Place de la Concorde in Paris, bustling with traffic, sunlight filtering through a blanket of clouds. Mr. Cole admiringly listed its elements and expressed a preference for expansive photos like this one.

He called them “all-over pictures, that contain everything,” in which the photographer is “cramming in life.” Mr. Cole’s critically acclaimed 2011 novel, “Open City,” in which a medical student named Julius takes long, solitary walks around New York City, ruminating on a wide variety of political and artistic questions, could be called an all-over book.

Next week, Random House is to publish “Every Day Is for the Thief,” a shorter work of fiction that Mr. Cole wrote before “Open City,” but previously available only in Nigeria, where it was published in 2007.

“Every Day” was inspired by a trip Mr. Cole took to Lagos after more than a decade away and is illustrated with several black-and-white photos from his travels. (Mr. Cole, 38, was born in Michigan, where his parents were studying. The family returned to Africa a few months after his birth, and he moved back to the United States when he was 17.) [Read More]

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