George Hunka on Waiting for Godot

Hunka reflects on what, for him, is 'perhaps the most wrenching scene in the play'

From George Hunka:
As an early birthday gift to myself, I post today the below excerpt from the end of the second act of Waiting for Godot, perhaps the most wrenching scene in the play — in this case, wrenching in part because of the intimacy of the staging: a small cube-like performance space, lacking an audience, even lacking the mound and roads that Beckett specifies in his stage directions; the performances are similarly restrained and minimally expressive. This San Quentin Drama Workshop production was directed by Walter D. Asmus based upon Beckett’s own mise-en-scène. It features Lawrence Held as Estragon, Bud Thorpe as Vladimir, and Louis Beckett Cluchey as the boy. [Read More]

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