Bret Easton Ellis talks to NUVO Magazine

Joshua David Stein talks to the controversial American novelist
Bret Easton Ellis. Photo: Sarah Soquel Morhaim
Joshua David Stein (NUVO Magazine):
One doesn’t expect Bret Easton Ellis to live in a cheery apartment building on a tree-lined street in West Hollywood with ugly two-tone art deco chairs in the lobby and mezuzahs on the door frames of his neighbours.

To be surprised, of course, one has to have expected something in the first place. That there are so many expectations as to how and where the author of American Psycho and a slew of other equally misanthropic works might live is testament to the power of his work and the heft of his public persona. Ellis is 49, and there’s still a glimpse of the boyish face seen in so many photographs at the table of some hot Manhattan restaurant years ago, but it’s caught now only fleetingly. Perhaps the only subversive thing about him today is that he’s wearing a winter jacket, inside and in Los Angeles. [Read More]

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