Samuel Beckett and Paul Celan

George Hunka on John Felstiner's essay, 'Paul Celan Meets Samuel Beckett'
Paul Celan (left) and Samuel Beckett (right)
From Superfluities Redux: ‘According to John Felstiner, Theodor Adorno considered Paul Celan “the only authentic postwar writer to stand with Samuel Beckett.” (Adorno, Beckett, Celan: there’s the beginning of an alphabestiary to contend with.) Along with Adorno’s high regard, Beckett and Celan also shared Paris as their home for most of their adult lives, but surprisingly their paths never crossed. In the 2004 essay “Paul Celan Meets Samuel Beckett,” Felstiner describes the writers’ shared concerns, which become even more obvious as the years go by [...]’ [Read More]

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