Derrida: The Excluded Favorite

NYR Blog reviews Benoît Peeters' Derrida: A Biography
Jacques Derrida
From Emily Eakin NYR Blog (link via 3:AM Magazine): ‘In May of 1951, at the age of twenty, Jacques Derrida took the entrance exams for the prestigious École Normale Supérieure a second time, having failed, as many students do, in his first attempt the previous year. Fueled by amphetamines after a sleepless week, he choked on the written portion and turned in a blank sheet of paper. The same month, he was awarded a dismal 5 out of 20 on his qualifying exam for a license in philosophy. “The answers are brilliant in the very same way that they are obscure,” the examiner wrote, encapsulating a sentiment about Derrida’s work that has since become a commonplace [...]’ [Read More]

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