Lisa Dwan to perform Samuel Beckett's Not I

26-27 April 2013 · University of Reading
The Anthony Minghella Building at the University of Reading
The Beckett International Foundation presents Lisa Dwan performing Beckett’s Not I

On the evenings of the 26 and 27 April, celebrated actress Lisa Dwan will play the role of Mouth in one of the most inspiring and challenging pieces in theatre history.

It is 40 years since the premiere of Not I at the Royal Court Theatre in London, which featured Beckett’s muse, Billie Whitelaw in a groundbreaking performance. Not I is a short dramatic monologue (c.10mins) that takes place in a pitch-black space illuminated only by a single beam of light. This spotlight fixes on an actress's mouth about eight feet above the stage, everything else being blacked out.

Billie Whitelaw coached Lisa Dwan in the role of Mouth, which she first played in 2005. Critics have praised her ‘thrilling and technically astounding interpretation of the play’, with The Guardian calling Lisa’s performance ‘jawdropping’.

Following the performance of Not I there will be a screening of a 10 minute documentary film featuring an interview with Billie Whitelaw. Lisa will then explore the challenges of playing the role during a Q&A session. [Read More]

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