Kas Saghafi on Derrida: A Biography

The LARB weighs in on the English translation of Peeters' biography
Jacques Derrida at the Sorbonne, June, 1979. Photograph: Martine Franck/Magnum Photos.
From Kas Saghafi (Los Angeles Review of Books) (link via 3:AM Magazine): ‘Jacques Derrida will have been the greatest thinker of the 20th century. This might sound like the opinion of a misinformed, biased, sycophantic fan willfully ignorant of intellectual history. To nominate one person as meriting such an accolade would be to ignore and trivialize the achievements of all the other great thinkers of the past century, to treat what deserves utmost seriousness as a game or a horse race. Yet the great impact and wide-ranging influence of Derrida’s writings on the study and practice of a broad range of disciplines such as philosophy, art and aesthetics, political theory, literature and literary studies, psychoanalysis, religious studies, law, architecture and urban planning, linguistics, post-colonialism, and even science, which will take years to be measured and assessed, will bear out what at first appears to be a wildly exaggerated remark. No other 20th-century thinker will have had such a profound effect on so many domains of knowledge as Derrida.’ [Read More]

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