Photographs of Maurice Blanchot

Louis Kaplan discusses images of the French critic, writer and theorist
Blanchot (upper right), Lévinas (middle), and friends, ca. 1925, on their way to dine at the home of Charles Blondel, professor of psychology at the University of Strasbourg where Blanchot and Lévinas were enrolled.
Louis Kaplan Cabinet: ‘The first image of Blanchot is to be placed among the countless snapshots of everyday life that are taken and passed around among friends and that serve as mementos of the space-time they have shared. The image features Blanchot as a man in his twenties in dandyish attire seated on a car and surrounded by companions. The dark-haired man is none other than Blanchot’s lifelong friend, the philosopher of alterity, Emmanuel Lévinas. As far as the facts go, the group is on their way to Charles Blondel’s home for a dinner party in Strasbourg. It is as if Blanchot in his exposure to the camera and in his being posed in exteriority has yielded to the etiquette required by the ethical philosopher who believed so strongly in faciality—in the indebtedness of the face as it turns itself toward the Other.’ [Read More]

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