Valerie Eliot 1926-2012

Writers and friends pay tribute to T. S. Eliot's late wife
W. H. Auden speaking to T. S. Eliot and Valerie Eliot
Sadie Stein (The Paris Review) pays tribute to Valerie Eliot, the wife of the great twentieth century poet T. S. Eliot, who passed away on 9 November: 'She said that their relationship was a quiet one, involving much Scrabble-playing and cheese-eating. As she said in a rare interview, “He obviously needed a happy marriage. He wouldn’t die until he’d had it.”' [Read More]

David Morley (The Guardian) has also shares his thoughts, suggesting that the loss of Valerie Eliot 'deprives poetry of its strongest advocate': 'Let all poets honour her. Let all poets celebrate her. Let them raise glasses of wine to her memory.' [Read More]

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