Leo Tolstoy Speaks

A rare audio recording of the writer from 1909

Open Culture reports that the 'audio recordings above were made at the writer’s home in Yasnaya Polyana on October 31, 1909, when he was 81 years old'. The website also includes a transcription of Tolstoy's English extract, taken from Wise Thoughts For Every Day, as follows:
That the object of life is self-perfection, the perfection of all immortal souls, that this is the only object of my life, is seen to be correct by the fact alone that every other object is essentially a new object. Therefore, the question whether thou hast done what thou shoudst have done is of immense importance, for the only meaning of thy life is in doing in this short term allowed thee, that which is desired of thee by He or That which has sent thee into life. Art thou doing the right thing? [Read More]
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