László Krasznahorkai, War and War

Vertigo takes a look at the 2006 English translation
Gábor Kerekes, Everday series
Vertigo reflects on George Szirtes' 2006 translation of László Krasznahorkai's War and War:
Unlike Satantango and The Melancholy of Resistance, the two other novels by László Krasznahorkai translated into English so far, and which are both set entirely in rural Hungary, War and War is an urban novel, opening in a city in Hungary, then quickly moving to New York. Korin, a bureaucratic archivist, discovers a manuscript that defies immediate classification and so he must read it in order to catalog it. The manuscript turns out to be “a work of astonishing, foundation-shaking, cosmic genius,” and Korin, an immediate convert, realizes that previously “he understood nothing, nothing at all about anything.” The manuscript, however, promises to help him “recover the dignity and meaning whose loss he had been mourning.” And so he decides he must dedicate his life to giving this lost, obscure manuscript immortality on the Internet. “There was nothing to do but, in the strictest sense, to stake his life on immortality.”' [Read More]
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