Sebald and Proust: Failure to Recover the Past

Vertigo reviews an essay from a new academic collection
Vertigo reviews Ofra Amihay and Lauren Walsh's edited collection, The Future of Text and Image, starting with Walsh's essay 'The Madeleine Revisualized: Proustian Memory and Sebaldian Visuality':
Walsh ultimately concludes that Sebald’s work is a modern, post-Holocaust revision of Proust. “Sebald offers no such promise of recapture [through memory]. In fact, to believe the past is recoverable in a re-experiential way is, he suggests, dangerous in settings where the stakes have risen so high – in the post-Holocaust setting. Memory…is always a limited representation, not a true past regained.” In fact, Walsh believes Sebald is suggesting that photographs work to block the act of memory and that he set out to challenge the “very belief in a documentary authority” for photographs. [Read More]
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